Tennis Booklet



We hope that this booklet will be of assistance in answering a great number of questions about tennis courts as well as giving you ammunition to become an informed consumer. Tennis courts are just like most products in that they can be either well…or poorly built, present maintenance and repair problems or be virtually trouble free. The difference is in how they are designed and how they are built.

The quality of information is normally only as good as its source—so here is a little bit of background about the folks who “Wrote the Book” on tennis courts. We are Saviano Co. Inc., a fully licensed Contractor serving the Western United States, founded over 40 years ago, specializing in the construction, renovation and maintenance of tennis courts. We can do all phases of the work from grading, excavation, retaining walls and drainage to courts that include asphalt – concrete – concrete post
tension – grass and clay, fencing, surfacing and lighting.

We maintain our own crews and operate our own equipment and are just as accustomed to building a single private court as we are constructing 8 or 10 courts for a country club.

The Saviano family name is an integral part of the tennis world, both in Northern California as well as internationally. On nine separate occasions, a Saviano family member has competed in the men’s tennis tournament at Wimbleton. John Saviano, a principal in the firm, played #1 men’s singles at San Jose State University. In addition, there are literally thousands of courts between California, Oregon and Nevada — private courts, club courts and public courts, which have been built or renovated with the Saviano brand of quality and genuine concern that makes courts look good, play well, enjoy low maintenance and add value.

We know tennis and tennis courts!

For your convenience, this booklet is broken down into two primary sections:

Section I — NEW CONSTRUCTION — deals with private, club and public installations, and touches on our consulting services for detailing specifications for courts.
Section II — MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, RENOVATION, LIGHTING OF EXISTING COURTS —summarizes information for preventive maintenance, resurfacing and major renovations of private, club and public courts; also deals with upgrading existing lighting.

Because of the volume of information, we have also broken the major headings into separate topic headings that are detailed in the table of contents, allowing you to pick and choose topics of special interest.