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Whether you are an avid athlete who competes at the highest level, or a parent who just wants to have fun with the kids, basketball is certainly popular in California. You can see why, too. It's a fast-paced game with high energy and the perfect way to get active. Every player desires high-quality court surfaces to elevate their game; some even travel vast distances in pursuit of the perfect basketball venue. Athletes constantly look for optimal courts to practice on, whether for recreational or competitive purposes. Saviano Co. Inc. can make your dream outdoor court a reality if you're one of them!

Our Professionals Can Build Your Basketball Court

More than 60 years in the court construction industry have allowed us to be your premier builders. Transform your backyard into a private basketball court with our services! We proudly have installed courts for multiple residential and public locations, including communities, schools, parks, and more. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help build your court to the highest standards from the initial consultation to the final installation. Let our team of experienced contractors and architects bring your dream basketball court to life! We will help craft a design that fits your desired dimensions within your budget. Together, we can create an incredible new basketball court that you’ll be proud of.

Why Choose Savino For Basketball Court Construction

We understand you want the best for your outdoor basketball court, and our company is committed to setting the gold standard for court construction services.  Below are a few reasons why our clients trust Saviano Co. Inc.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced- Our staff have years of basketball court construction experience. We can accommodate any size, type, and configuration you need for your project. Our qualified technicians are the leaders in proper outdoor court upkeep and resurfacing procedures. Maintenance and resurfacing ensures that your courts remain safe for play, aesthetically pleasing, and up to par with professional quality standards. Our team has completed many projects for happy customers across the globe.
  • High-Quality materials- We use the highest quality materials to build your outdoor basketball court. Our experienced technicians have expertise in utilizing industry-leading components that help your court last for years to come.

Find Out More About Basketball Construction Near Your Area

Saviano Co. Inc is the perfect choice for your project if you’re looking for an experienced and reliable basketball contractor. Contact us to learn more about our services and get a free consultation with one of our experts today! We are here to help you have the court of your dreams.