DecoTurf In San Jose, CA

The West Coast’s primary installer of DecoTurf tennis and pickleball surfaces!

Each year, more professionals play matches on DecoTurf than on any other cushioned tennis or pickleball surfaces. It provides a uniform surface while determining the speed and traction on the court. As a result, the most prestigious courts worldwide are made of DecoTurf, including the USTA National Tennis Center. Everybody, from tournament directors to collegiate coach, architects to homeowners, and spectators to professionals all demand DecoTurf to maximize their tennis and pickleball court experiences.

Saviano Co. Inc. only uses the best quality in surfaces.

DecoTurf versatile hardcourt surfaces feature a multilayered system that can be used for indoor or outdoor use. From the scorching heat of Florida summers to grueling subzero Minnesota winters, Deco Hardcourts can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the quality of the court. 

5 Layers of Excellence

We effectively build our courts with 5 unique layers, each contributing a vital aspect of your game. From bottom to top: 

  1. Concrete or asphalt for a strong and lasting structure
  2. Acrylic resurfacer blended with silica sand to provide adhesion and leveling
  3. DecoColor mixed with silica sand or blended with DecoBase I to provides a uniform desired surface texture and regulate the speed of play and traction on the court
  4. DecoColor to finish the court by adding a vibrant, durable finish highly resistant to weather and ultraviolet degradation
  5. Either textured or untextured heavy-bodied acrylic-latex white line paint 
Our Legacy
Year after year, more professionals choose DecoTurf as their preferred cushion tennis surface than any other brand. From around the world, elite tournaments are held on DecoTurf surfaces, setting a new standard for excellence in sports. Unsurprisingly, The USTA National Tennis Center, which has hosted the US Open since 1978, proudly chose it for use. Here at Saviano Company Inc., we’ve built a reputation in the industry as a premier choice for Decoturf in San Jose, CA. You can trust us to build something that your players will love.
Why Consider Decoturf?

Undeniably, DecoTurf is the premier pick for full-depth resilience and cushioning. It boasts a cushioning system with unparalleled durability, making it perfect for all players and courts. With our unmatched flexibility and longevity, you can be sure to get maximum comfort out of your court surfaces without compromising quality. The DecoTurf system offers a strong acrylic finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV exposure. With its selection of colors, you will surely find an all-weather surface with a vibrant uniformity that will last for years. DecoTurf has become an ideal solution due to its cost-efficiency, and effortless upkeep as the necessity for cushioned courts rises around the globe. From single backyard courts to multiple court tournament facilities, professionals trust in DecoTurf as their go-to choice.

Since Saviano Company, Inc. has been operating around San Jose for more than half a century, we’re your go-to experts for DecoTurf. We’re passionate about ensuring our customers get the best results when they take on a project, whether for a tournament or home court installation. Our team of highly experienced installers has vast experience in dealing with DecoTurf and understands exactly what it takes to handle the job right the first time.


If you want the best for your court, then you need the team at Saviano Company Inc. We have a vast portfolio of installations to our name, and can provide comprehensive solutions for any requirements. Our installation services can help you develop a court that provides the perfect playing surface regardless of location or climate. Whether you need help in selecting the right color and texture for a school, club, or residential court, we can handle everything from start to finish. All of our equipment is maintained and operated by us, which means your project will be completed on time and within budget. If you’re thinking about DecoTurf, look no further than the experienced and knowledgeable team at Saviano Company Inc. Contact us today for a consultation!
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