The West Coast’s primary installer of DecoTurf tennis and pickleball surfaces!

Each year, more professionals play matches on DecoTurf than on any other cushioned tennis or pickleball surfaces. It provides a uniform surface while determining the speed and traction on the court. As a result, the most prestigious courts worldwide are made of DecoTurf, including the USTA National Tennis Center. Everybody, from tournament directors to collegiate coach, architects to homeowners, and spectators to professionals all demand DecoTurf to maximize their tennis and pickleball court experiences.

Saviano Co. Inc. only uses the best quality in surfaces.

DecoTurf versatile hardcourt surfaces feature a multilayered system that can be used for indoor or outdoor use. From the scorching heat of Florida summers to grueling subzero Minnesota winters, Deco Hardcourts can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the quality of the court. 

5 Layers of Excellence

We effectively build our courts with 5 unique layers, each contributing a vital aspect of your game. From bottom to top: 

  1. Concrete or asphalt for a strong and lasting structure
  2. Acrylic resurfacer blended with silica sand to provide adhesion and leveling
  3. DecoColor mixed with silica sand or blended with DecoBase I to provides a uniform desired surface texture and regulate the speed of play and traction on the court
  4. DecoColor to finish the court by adding a vibrant, durable finish highly resistant to weather and ultraviolet degradation
  5. Either textured or untextured heavy-bodied acrylic-latex white line paint 
Our Legacy
On nine separate occasions, a Saviano family member has competed at Wimbledon.

The Saviano family name is an integral part of the tennis world in Northern California and internationally. On 9 separate occasions, a Saviano family member has competed at Wimbledon. John Saviano, the firm’s President, not only understands how to build excellent tennis courts, but also how to play on them. John Saviano played #1 men’s singles at San Jose State University during his college years and is currently a top-level senior player winning numerous national titles and winning the gold, silver, and bronze balls. John Saviano understands tennis courts inside and out! There have been thousands of private, club, and public courts, built or renovated with the Saviano brand of quality and genuine care that makes courts look good, easy to play on, low maintenance, and valuable. 

We are Saviano Co. Inc., a fully licensed contractor serving the Western United States and beyond.

Founded over 50 years ago, we specialize in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of tennis courts. We do all four phases of work: grading, excavation, retaining walls, and drainage, to courts that include asphalt, concrete, concrete post-tension, grass, and clay courts. Lastly, we also fence, resurface, overlay, and light courts.

Company Profile

Experience, Pride, Trustworthy

Saviano Company is a Company you can trust. We have over 50 years of experience in the industry from building thousands of tennis courts. In every endeavor, we take pride in providing top quality Tennis Courts by always being on time and budget. 

We maintain own own crews and operate our own equipment, giving us the capability to build you anything from a single private court to an entire facility.

We are Northern California’s Distributor of DecoTurf and licensed in additional states. 

Our California Contractor’s License is #557093.

We invite you to contact us directly at (800) 81-Tennis or (650) 948-3274 to discuss your unique tennis court needs.,