Pickleball Court in Your Backyard

Constructing a Pickleball Court in Your Backyard

Are you looking to get into the exciting sport of pickleball? You don’t need to go anywhere other than your own backyard. Constructing a pickleball court on your property is easier than it sounds! All you need is some simple planning, the right materials and tools, and maybe a helping hand or two for assistance. With this guide from Saviano Company Inc., you can easily turn your outdoor space into a pickleball court in no time.

What is Pickleball?

To get started, let’s start with the basics. Pickleball is a game similar to tennis and badminton that can be played in singles or doubles. The court size is like a badminton court minus the sidelines- it’s 20 x 44 feet with an area of 17 feet for each side of the net. The game uses paddles, a waffle ball, and a raised net. It’s not as fast-paced as tennis but it still provides an aerobic workout that helps improve your agility and coordination.

Planning Your Court

The first step to building your own pickleball court is to choose and plan the site for your court. Pick out an area that has even ground, is level, and is free of any type of debris or rocks that could interfere with your game. It’s best to measure the area you plan on using for your court so that you know how much space you have and can make sure it meets regulation size specifications. Once you have a good idea of the size of the court, it’s time to move on to the next step- gathering materials and tools.

Gathering Materials and Tools

For the materials, you should purchase a pickleball net system, outdoor court paint, a tape measure, safety glasses, and a broom. To assemble your pickleball net system properly and safely, it’s important to have some tools on hand such as a drill with bits for drilling into concrete or asphalt, an adjustable wrench or socket wrench, and a post hole digger.

Assembling the Court

With your materials and tools gathered, you can now begin to assemble the court. Start by setting up the pickleball net system- ensure that it is level with a tape measure and firmly secure it into place. You’ll want to drill holes into concrete or asphalt to ensure that it’s stable and secure. Then, use outdoor court paint to mark out the lines of the court. Once the paint is dry, you can sweep off any excess debris and get ready for game time!

Playing Pickleball

Now that your backyard pickleball court is complete, it’s time to have some fun! Pickleball is a great way to stay active while having lots of fun with family and friends. The game can be played singles or doubles, making it perfect for your next pool party or backyard gathering. With pickleball, you’ll get plenty of exercise that helps improve your agility and coordination while also providing a great social activity that everyone can enjoy.


To keep your court in the best shape possible, it is important to maintain it properly. This includes sweeping any debris that may have settled on the court, keeping an eye out for weeds or plants growing in the area, and making sure that the net system is secure and level at all times. It’s also important to use a waterproof sealant on outdoor court paint to protect it from the elements and repaint periodically as necessary. With proper care and maintenance, your backyard pickleball court will be long-lasting and provide hours of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends!

Saviano Company Inc Will Handle All Your Pickleball Needs

At Saviano Company Inc., we have everything you need to construct your own pickleball court. From the pickleball net system and outdoor court paint to tools and advice, we’ve got it all! With our expertise and products, you’ll be able to create a fun and safe environment for your family and friends to enjoy hours of pickleball fun. Contact us today to get started on your pickleball court!

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